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Who is Logbook Loan Home

When it comes to cheap and affordable logbook loans, Logbook Loan Home is a leading and trusted name you can always rely on. After helping the vast majority of borrowers in the UK especially those with bad credit history find great deals on logbook loans, we remain one of the top comparison sites online today. Our connection with top lenders and partnership with key contacts will allow you to avail only the best deals available in the market today. But more importantly, you will find the ideal quick fix solution to your financial problems and needs without shouldering steep interest rates.
Logbook Loan Home understands the hassle and negative impacts of bad credit to your chance for a personal loan approval. Banks and major lenders are more likely to decline your application due to the high risks involved. This is where Logbook Loan Home saves the day. With us, even the most burdened borrowers need not worry because we'll do our best to connect you to the right lender.We also work hand in hand with top loan sites such as Money Co UK to offer you more options to choose from.

What We Do

As a top comparison site, Logbook Loan Home specializes in providing a quick and impartial comparison service to borrowers with bad credit. We partner and work closely with the best and fairest logbook loan lenders online to ensure that we also steer our diverse clientele toward the right providers for their individual needs.
Currently, we are renowned to offer the most competitive quote on logbook loans online. Our service is completely and 100% free without any obligation. In other words, you have nothing to lose at all but everything to gain. Whether you're satisfied with the quote or not, the decision to proceed with the application is yours to make without worrying about any fees.

What is a Logbook Loan

A logbook loan is a type of personal loan that is secured against your vehicle. It is designed primarily for people who are non-homeowners but who legally owns a car and for people with bad credit who are struggling to qualify for standard personal loans from banks.
With logbook loans, you can borrow from as little as £500 up to £50,000. Compared with other types of personal loans, the financial product offers more flexibility. As for repayment terms, you can set from 3 months up to 5 years.
In terms of cost, the average Representative APR for logbook loans falls somewhere at 400%. Luckily, with competition among lenders getting fiercer and with our help, you can now find loan deals at much cheaper rates. You might also want to know more about how APR works and how it affects the cost of your loan. Just click here for more valuable information at your disposal.

Why Logbook Loans

No matter your needs or your personal circumstance, logbook loans may serve as your ideal way out of financial problems. Logbook loan lenders, for one, do not require credit checks. Provided that you have the security and you can afford the monthly repayments, you can avail a loan even if you're self-employed, working part time or full time. And yes, even if you have arrears, CCJs or defaults, you are still welcome to submit your application.
Logbook loans also require only the basic and the most straightforward requirements. This eliminates the hassle of accomplishing a ton of paperwork and documents.
To guarantee even better convenience, most lenders have online portals allowing borrowers to apply from the comforts of one's home. Confirmation of your approval is provided within the same day and money is sent in 24 hour or less after approval.
With logbook loans, you also get to keep your car. What your lender will only need is your V5 or logbook document along with other documents.

Are You Eligible

If you are 18 years of age or above, a resident of UK and who legally owns your vehicle, you are eligible to apply for a logbook loan. Your vehicle should be less than 10 years of age and is free of any financing. Depending on your car's make or model, you can borrow up to 50% of the vehicle's official trade value.
To hasten the processing further, simple prepare the basic documents that your lender will need which include your car's V5 or logbook document, MOT certificate, insurance details, proof of identification, proof of income and billing address.

Same Day Approval

If you're ready to turn your car into cash, Logbook Loan Home can first give you a free quote. Simply fill out our form and indicate the amount and term you have in mind. We will instantly give you an estimate of your monthly due based on the cheapest logbook loan offer available in the market today. If you decide to proceed with the application, we will then match you based on your financial assessment to the right lenders and the right products. 
If you meet the requirements outright, you should be able expect approval within the same day. Best of all, you can expect to receive you money deposited to your bank account in 24 hours or less. Alternatively, if you need more info regarding logbook loans, feel free to browse around our site.