Get Approved for a Logbook Loan

Though logbook loans are now widely available more than ever, it still pays to do your homework to get approved as quickly as possible. Avoid the hassles and problems by following the five simple steps below.
1. Choose the right type of loan
Before heading to any lender or loan provider, make sure that a logbook loan is the right type for your needs and personal circumstance. As short-term secured personal loans, the financial product is ideal for those with cars and those with bad credit history. If you've been refused a loan before due to bad credit then this option gets around the problem just fine. Most lenders do not run credit checks anymore so there's nothing to worry about even if you have arrears, CCJs or defaults.To start comparing the best personal loans in the UK, hit up Money Market Supermarket at
2. Contact several lenders
As much as you want to complete the application right away, don't fail to contact several lenders first. You don't have to check as many as you can. You just need to pick the top lenders in the UK, get in touch with the customer service and ask for details.
When you speak with your lender, ask questions you deem important. You may want to cover factors such as interest rates, hidden fees and charges as well as repossession. While at it, you should also get free quotes which you can use together with other information when deciding which lender to go with.
3. Assess your situation
When borrowing money, it's very important to assess your situation and know your limitations. While logbook loans do not run credit checks, it may still pay to double check your credit score. It's also helpful to carefully plan ahead of time. Meaning you have to know your needs exactly as well as what you can afford for monthly repayments and for how long. Always keep in mind to apply for a loan based on your financial ability and not on how cheap you think the offer is.
4. Prepare your requirements
The best way to expedite the processing is to prepare your requirements and documents beforehand. Each lender may have variations in what they require but in general, you'll have to prepare your car's V5 document, MOT certificate, insurance details, proof of identification and proof of income among other things.
5. Set the right expectations
When borrowing money, there are times when things do not happen as planned. Leave room for adjustments and set your expectations right. Your lender may promise you same day approval and that's true most of the time but there are cases when delays may also happen.